Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Throughout my career, I have presented a number of exhibitions - many of which were strictly dedicated to my Cohen-inspired works.

  • November 1999 (Centre Gallery) -- One Person Show: "Homage to Leonard Cohen"
  • July 2000 (Red Deer Museum) -- Solo Show: "Homage to Leonard Cohen"
  • March 2001 (Calgary Jewish Centre) -- Solo Show: "Homage to Leonard Cohen"
  • September 2002 (Telus Centre, Edmonton) -- Book Launch & Art Show
  • June 2004 (Columbia University, New York) -- Homage to Leonard Cohen Exhibition
  • April 2005 (Globe Cinema) -- Solo Exhibition: "Homage to Leonard Cohen"
  • August 2006 (Berlin, Germany) -- "New Works for Leonard Cohen"
  • June 2007 (Artpoint Gallery) -- Solo Exhibition: "New Works for Leonard Cohen"
  • July 2008 (Edmonton) -- Homage to Leonard Cohen, International Cohen Convention
  • Jan. 2015 (Theatre Calgary) -- Homage to Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel Play

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have listened to the songs of Leonard Cohen for 30 years while painting. His poetry has inspired my art in an amazing way. One day I decided to paint the images I perceived while listening to his music. The end result was 42 paintings. each one my interpretation of a particular song.

Later I have published the paintings in a book, called "Homage to Leonard Cohen".
More of this can be seen on my web site www.artviewconsulting.ca

My artwork is also on the Cohen web site: Leonardcohenfiles.com under inspiration.

Let me know what you think of the paintings.